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something that feels like a vagina - Feels like there is something in my vagina but there isn't. - (( VaginaPagina )) — LiveJournal

Sep 12, 2007 · how to feel like i'm putting my punis into a vagina? By UnknownDude but I kind of suspect that there is nothing other than a vagina that feels quite like a vagina. They are truly unique and wonderful things. I WILL give it to you for having the "balls" ;-) to try something like that!! I would NEVER get my husband to even admit that it. Try doing little things around the house, like vaccuuming in the moring or dusting, helping cook, dust around the house or something and do things for them that they usually do for you, like tidy.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Krishnamurthy on feels like something is stuck in vagina: This may be a possibility if you use tampons during menses. See if you are able to pull it out, if not and if your symptoms still persist, see your GYN or PCP. Jan 29, 2010 · Thank you for the additional information. The uterus does support the top of the vagina usually and since yours is absent, it is possible for your vagina to relax and begin to fall which could lead to the sensation of pressure like something is in there. If your discomfort is not significant, treatment is not necessary at this time.

Had sex with my husband two nights ago and now inside my vagina feels like there’s something hard and shoved in there. Looked at it with a mirror and it looks like a pink lump poking out but two swollen and painful to stick a finger in. I have one son birthed via csection 5 years ago. I feel like there is something in there trying to come out. The feeling is like a tampon not inserted far enough in or inserted wrong. It also itches and there is a slight discharge that isn't clumpy or smelly. I am or just got through ovulating and sometimes I have a thin discharge from that. Feels like there is something in my vagina but.

Nov 18, 2008 · Ok i know this is gross and im sorry but i'm a little scared. I am 18 and a virgin but i finger myself sometimes and have noticed something in my vagina its like right up there and feels like a hardish chunk of muscle or something? I cant make my fingers go any further it doesnt hurt and i dont feel too tight i can fit 2 there (am i loose as well- iv only fingered myself like 3 times Status: Open. Sep 12, 2010 · I have what feels like a swolen gland dangling and comming out of my vagina about the size of a cherry I first noticed it a few months ago while on my period but it soon disappered I just finished my period a few days (witch was the heavest most painfull period ive ever had) and now its larger and.