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If you've been looking for a detox drink to get through a drug test, you might have heard about Strip NC (Natural Cleanser). There are a lot of promises for those who consume it around like “feel on a million bucks and pass any drug test.” And there are so many detox drinks on the market, so let's see how Strip Detoxifier stacks up against. Jul 26, 2017 · Strip Nc Natural Cleanser Extra Strengh Fruit Punch 32 Fl Oz. $19.89. Add to Cart. Added to Cart. You have exceeded the max quantity for this item. Wellgenix Strip NC Complete Body Cleanser- Extra Strength with Softpsyll- 1 Fast Dissolve Softgel. $12.99. Add to Cart.3/5(94).

Answer (1 of 20): Strip NC does not clean your system of drugs.. It only holds the drug back when you urinate. You are supposed to drink it 2 hours before testing and urinate 2 times before the urine test. 3rd urine should be the one used for testing. Sep 18, 2018 · Strip Nc, 1 Oz Liquid Plus 4 Cleansing Capsules Complete Body Cleanser By Covert Labs (Fruit Punch Flavor) *Formulated to Quickly Remove Unwanted Pollutants From Your System* Psyllerol Is an Exclusive Proprietary Formula of Herbs, Amino Acids and Vitamins. Psyllerol Is Formulated to Enable to Body to Expel Pollutants At an Extremely High Rate.3.4/5(25).

Strip is a Natural Cleanser. Ideal uses for Strip cleanse would be if you had a "desired time to be cleansed" GNC is not allowed to sell Strip Natural Cleanse as a "Drug Cleansing" product. Mar 28, 2007 · What about STRIP extreme cleanser? Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Big Frank, Dec 27, 2004. Big Frank New Member. I was worried about the liquid stuff, so I just went and bought this stuff. I bought a home tester, and tested positive, and its been about 16 days. The guy said this is the best stuff out, and it cost fifty bucks.

Mar 06, 2014 · I use this all the time on short notice situations but have questions if I take 1 each day before my drug test. Jan 13, 2012 · STRIP detox products by COVERT LABS has a entire line of detox products sold over the internet and through stores across the country. They have 5 products; 3 pill/capsule based detox products and 2 liquid drinks. Strip Cleansing Liquid 6.4 oz and 32 oz - 1.5/5(1).