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Jul 19, 2017 · Know more about Erin Foley Wiki, Married, Wedding, Girlfriend, Lesbian/Gay, Rumors. Thirty-eight years of age Erin Foley is an American comedian, comedic actress and also a writer. She was born on 13th of September in 1979 in New York City, New. Erin Foley is a comedian, writer, comedic actress and genuine talent powerhouse who continues to crush audiences nationwide with her hysterical view on life, spot-on humor, rapid-fire speech, and acerbic wit.

It’s 10:15 on our last day aboard the Sweet Lez-Boat Cruise and we’re asleep when they call us to say we’ve got Erin Foley at 10:20 and so we hop out of bed like spring chickens because Erin. Lesbian Comedian Erin Foley: The Autostraddle Interview. Erin Foley’s shooting star of comic fame has been skyrocketing through the night air, perhaps you’ve noticed & laughed? We sit down.