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adult baby sleeper "classic plus" The sleeper with modern design. A long zipper makes a comfortable dressing possible in front. This article can be manufactured in all versions of our fleece patterns and colors pattern catalog fleece (click here) This article is made only after receipt of your order, according to your size specifications. CosynDry is a leading store for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers around the world. Its run by a real Nanny who wants to find and make the best products for her babies. Nanny designs and makes many of her own products such as onesies and sleepers. You can contact nanny with any questions or comments!

Adult Onezies and Incontinence Clothing for Adults. KINS Adult Clothing is made especially to fit over cloth briefs or diapers, facilitating your day-to-day activities in providing security and comfort. At KINS, we believe that although a product is designed to be practical, it does not have to be dull. Apr 01, 2008 · I like the blue romper, that's nice! To be honest this sort of thing is always quite expensive here in Europe. If that was in the UK it probably be more like £54 ($100).

You like more? Diaper, spreading trousers, Body´s, Romper, PVC, Satin dresses, Sissy pants Adult Baby clothing you find in my adult-baby-shop. Sep 07, 2010 · Privatina sells several pairs of long-legged dungarees (privatina - individual one piece fashion: Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More states it will try to help if you are having trouble sourcing a particular type of clothing.

my privatina - ageplay fashion for lovers. Homepage | Terms A adult baby onesie made of cotton with long arms. In step it is closed with snaps. onsies *babygirl deluxe* individual Terry onsie for girls with round collars, firmly attached skirt and pushbuttons in the step Picture shows special equipment!