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At NewGround, we believe that a new building has the potential to be a business’ greatest impression on the world. It is also your most visible relationship with your community, which is why we start with strategy when crafting financial, corporate and healthcare building solutions. Latest: 'Tomb Raider - Punishment' Level: 1 Exp Points: 15 / 20 Exp Rank: 1,763,578 Vote Power: 1.74 votes.

New Ground conducts a variety of workshops to benefit the adults participating in our LTHP, JSP and Veterans Program. We focus on increasing skills in many important areas and building self-esteem. Transportation, child care and dinner are provided, thereby making these programs easily accessible by removing common barriers to participation. Education Assistance Program. For all New Ground adults and children to be successful in school, many services and supplies are necessary. Suffering the trauma of being homeless, most have lost ground in school and need additional support to catch up.