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MassHealth Adult Disability Supplement [MADS-A (04/15)] A form for adults who are applying for MassHealth based on their disability. This document includes five copies of the Medical Records Release Form. Part 8 Eligibility Criteria for Disabled Adults Ages 18–64 77 64 What is the disability test for adults? The disability test for MassHealth Standard is the same test used in the SSI program: a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that prevents.

MassHealth Application and Appeal Forms. MassHealth Adult Disability Supplement. This is an additional form that must be submitted in the MassHealth application process when a Pooled Trust account has been established or when the applicant is claiming a disability. The Disability Supplement • MassHealth applicants who indicate that they have a disability when applying for MassHealth benefits are mailed a disability supplement. • The supplement provides Disability Evaluation Services with information about the applicant’s disability, activity of daily living, education and work history.

Link to applications and forms section of MassHealth website includes application forms and supplements, member book, enrollment guide, adult and child disability supplements, eligibility representative forms etc. All forms in English and Spanish. MassHealth Child Disability Supplement (or, if your child is 18 or older, the MassHealth Adult Disability Supplement) Pick the appropriate one of the two Disability Supplement forms, depending on your child’s age (under 18 or 18 or older).

MassHealth is able to verify her income using electronic data sources. MassHealth, however, is unable to match Shannon’s disability status using electronic data sources. – Shannon will be mailed an adult disability supplement and have 60 days to return the completed supplement to DES. How to Apply for MassHealth For Your Child | page 4 Keep a copy of everything you send for your records. If you mail your application at the post office make sure to ask for a return receipt. This way you know DES got your forms. After you have sent in this information, a staff member from the UMass/Disability Evaluation.