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Artemia is a genus of aquatic crustaceans also known as brine shrimp. Artemia, Taihei, the only genus in the family Artemiidae, has changed little externally since the Triassic period. The first historical record of the existence of Artemia dates back to the first half of the 10th century AD from Urmia Lake, Iran, with an example called by an Iranian geographer an "aquatic dog", although the Class: Branchiopoda. Adult Artemia (± 1 cm in length) have an elongated body with two stalked complex eyes, a linear digestive tract, sensorial antennulae and 11 pairs of functional thoracopods (Fig. 4.1.10. and 4.1.11.). The male (Fig. 4.1.10.) has a paired penis in the posterior part of the trunk region (Fig. 4.1.9.).

Brine shrimps or artemia is a zooplankton used as fry food although Brine shrimps can be grown to about 20 mm (0.8 inch) in length and be a valuable food source for adult fishes. Raising Brine Shrimp to Adult size. Many pet shops sell live adult brine shrimp (Artemia). That is fine if you live near a pet shop. The closest one to me that sells adult brine shrimp is about an hour’s round trip away. At about $2 a bag and 2 gallons of gas, it just does not make sense for me to buy live shrimp.

Brine shrimp, (genus Artemia), any of several small crustaceans of the order Anostraca (class Branchiopoda) inhabiting brine pools and other highly saline inland waters throughout the world. Artemia salina, the species that occurs in vast numbers in Great Salt Lake, Utah, is of commercial. Rated 5 out of 5 by Shaz from Adult Brine Shrimp Raiseing seashorses, is hard with out the help of live adult brine before transisting them to frozen brine. This company always has them in stock, always have arrived alive and in good condition.4.3/5(11).

Live Adult Brine Shrimp are tiny reddish brown crustaceans that are approximately 3/16" - 1/4" in length, and are farm raised in the United States. Live Artemia are an ideal food source for finicky eaters such as seahorses, pipefish, mandarinfish and other dragonets. LIVE BRINE SHRIMP. Northeast Brine Shrimp ( uses a Beta-Meal supplement to produce enhanced Brine Shrimp so your captive fish and invertibrates have the benefit of natural color as well as improved health and vitality.. Adult means pre-egg producing size as eggs reduce the nutritional value of the shrimp.